Wig Stand

When I’m with the moon
I’m laid back and aloof
I shine bright and blue
I know the score and I glide….
When I’m with the sun
I’m bags and bags of exploded fun
I make the party hot and take big strides
I light up the night….
When I’m with you
I’ve no idea what to do
or who to be
Am I boisterous, clever or sexy
And does it matter who I should be
If I feel safe enough
brave enough
to let what is be
To take my wig off and let you see
When I’m with the rain
I’m gratefully cool and sad
I feel all I’ve had and I find
silver in all of the lines….
With them, I pretend
I’m not vulnerable then
I’m interesting again
Just not as alive like when
I open up the bee hive
Trying hard not to die
Right before your eyes…


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