Purple Unicorn

But you simply can’t be Buddhist
And scream YOLO while taking Kamikaze shots
You can’t be vegan
But put one drop of honey on your clit before oral sex
You can’t love a man in military uniform
And hate war
But I can be from the midwest
And have grown up with a strict Republican influence
And still kiss boys and girls on the mouth
And learned how to sing listening to Amy Grant and Keith Green
And Sandi Patti
And love Scrabble and Kal El and Velma Dinkley
And Bo Duke
And dig Argyle socks and Across The Universe
And move to the west coast
And sport Incubus tattoos and glasses
And be the graduate advisor to the Asian American Student Association
And dream about Italy and the SDCC
And be a Black female in America
See the difference?
I can because I am.
I will because I do.
It’s not a disconnect or dissonance
its not stereotypical so accept it
it’s not irony so its possible
You can’t be afraid of Ebola
But refuse to use condoms
You can’t scream equality
but be afraid to ask a man to marry you
But I can still be friends with my ex husband
And my ex boyfriend
And my son’s father
And prefer Newcastle and Marlboros
And not differentiate  yung berg from young joc
And have a wicked fake British Accent
And love sushi, and poetry and long haired boys who like rock music
And Read Dorian Gray over and over
And quote Fight Club
And be a Black Female in America
See the difference?
Please tell me that you do……


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