Anadromous love

And  when I am strong enough …
Hello red fish-
Where have you been, my friend?
Alaska, Costa Rica, or Portland?
And can I come?
Remember when we shared a bowl of quinoa?
Remember when we got kicked out of the gay bar?
Remember when I needed money and you didn’t have it technically but you got it for me anyway because you love me and hate to see me scared?
Remember when you said that I could do better than him and him and him?
Let’s swim upstream…
And  when I am strong enough to swim…
Hello blue fish-
What are you doing, my friend?
A Co- worker, homework, a tall cold beer?
And can I have some?
Remember when we sang Queen songs in the car?
Remember when we were alien gods?
Remember when you checked under my paisley dress to be sure that I had panties on?
Remember when you said that he wasn’t good enough and you’d had enough of me crying myself to sleep?
Let’s travel to the sea
And  when I am strong enough to swim to the ocean…
Hello silver fish-
What’s new, my friend?
Comics, or comedy or co-habitating?
And can I be your soft fin rays
Remember when you said that you loved me?
Remember when I said that you could take me right then?
Remember when you hugged me last and I acted like it didn’t mean anything and tried hard not to smell your chest for too long?
I would say let’s swim upstream..
I would say let’s travel to the sea…
But you’re so fresh water
And I want you with me…
Blue fish says I’m stupid
Red fish tends to agree
But I’ve never let them control me
like you do every time I come home again
With you I want to die of exhaustion
From spawning……..
Just remember me
Remember me
remember… me.



4 thoughts on “Anadromous love

    1. Oh you meant how are they doing… oh my goodness, that took too long to figure out. I am still recovering from silverfish. I don’t get to speak to red fish any more. blue fish is fine he just makes me so sad now.

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