At birth you are assigned a hue
Pink or blue, Pink or blue
And based on that told what to do
Fill you with the rules and lots of fuss
If you get blue then you must
toil all day; never control your lust
If you get pink  you must obey
then manipulate and cover grey
If you don’t like what society chose
then cut yourself and fix your nose
But it will cost you half your life
To do whatever for you feels right
And when you’re sick and ready to go
You’re assigned black; reaper takes your soul
Into the ether you must flow
back again as a new radio glow
Pink or blue, Pink or blue
Once again; if you were bad you wear black skin
Cause black means the same thing as sin
In Dystopia its the way its always been
But if you get black rejoice my friend
your ride is over, never to come back again……………..



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