To the Truck Stop Chef

You make me laugh and I am glad I can say I knew him
I have enjoyed your company physically and spiritually
But please don’t put your soul in my hands, sweetheart
I am not your muse
See, in 14 years you will be free of responsibility
In 14 years I will be 54
Think about that number, say it out loud
It’s heavy, isn’t it and hard
I will not be happy under any circumstances
between now and then
Stuck here, when every morning sky is the same and unchanging
I’m a wandering, roaming woman- this about me you knew
And you should never trust somebody who has told you
that they want to leave you, even once
because they will eventually do or otherwise resent you
I’ll mail you the money for smokes, thanks again
Nothing is wrong with you, you’re better than most men
Right person wrong place wrong time
I’ll live longer because I made you a friend
Do take care of yourself and your little ones
Promise to live your life to the fullest horizon
The healthier and more confident we become
The luckier and luckier we are in life and love
If you ever loved me at all, let me go
You can’t reminisce if I am still here, so
I have always only ever been simply passing through
Me leaving is how I show that I loved you



One thought on “To the Truck Stop Chef

  1. That’s hard on the heart, wrong place, wrong time; I am hope this luck is never mine because those words cut the heart deeper than getting smacked in the face. You have to do what’s best for you but the hurt is still felt long after the door closes. I feel like you left me….

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