Clown car

Bozo:You’re a goddess. We should date.
Your girl: Oh really?
Bozo: Yes, I’m in a open relationship but something is missing, and I am sure that you have what I need.
Your girl: Probably but I’m not looking for anything serious plus I need someone to be at my beck and call, I’m busy, so the other way around won’t work… take care though
(Next Day)
Bozo Part Deux: I think my girl wants to be on a break for a while. What are you doing on Saturday?
Your girl: Oh you must be devastated. That’s too bad for you. I couldn’t possibly go out with you when you are nursing a broken heart. I don’t look good in rebound blue… take care though.
( I swear FO GAWD the following day)
Bozo to the umpteenth power: Well she said its not a break its a break up. I feel a mess about it. I sure could use some company so that I don’t spiral. Let’s hop a plane for a few days so I can recover.
Queen rude: Get a dog and a therapist and if that doesn’t work, kill yourself. Lose my number, Beavis!
Le Sigh.



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