The Corset

Now that I have introduced you to this… you will do my bidding and like it.
You’re so matter of fact.
Tom would have said, let me buy you some lingerie so that you can model it for me.
Dick would have said, you’d look good in lingerie, sure but then you’d act like a whore.
Harry would have said, I have already cut out all of the brown girls in the magazine, superimposed your face onto their heads and I carry the photos in my wallet everyday.
But not you. You’re so absolute.
Tom would have said, whatever the cost, it’s yours if you want it.
Dick would have said, if I get you that you won’t want me.
Harry would have said, I’ve always wanted to fuck a porn star and you are my porn star, baby.
But not you. You’re so certain.
And this is why I love you so much.
Because you don’t care, either way.



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