USB blues

We were having an Apple rules the world discussion earlier and it made me feel naked in a way, but in a good way. I’d love to have an Ipad but then I think for what?
One more thing I have to keep charged, one more thing I have to keep from getting broken, one more thing that I have to keep updating and updating because the version I get today will be old news soon and its not like a tattoo, a tattoo tells a story about me forever and the pain makes me remember that I am living right now when I experience it and seeing it later while I am running my hand over it, reminds me that something actually happened on this water ball, something I experienced and not just mapped on an operating system and I have proof , right? So any good tattoo costs about the same as a factory set gadget that I picked up… which I only plucked in order to be the same as all the other moo cows, to be the same as all the other apes with egos and even though I want it, I want it because I forget sometimes that I exist outside of this stupid technological wasteland, that I am not an avatar, that I am not an avi or an emoji , I’m a human being and  I breathe so instead I chose something that takes my breath away-
I choose to get something that hurts and that thing is a thing that is just for me and as long as I exist, it exists,and  it is  living art and it won’t lose its life every 12 hours and it won’t go out of favor or style based on bandwidth or gigabytical storage limits.. . I’m naked but I’m good…
No disrespect to anyone, do you the best way you can, I do me with tree bark and dandelion hope so in case you were wondering… Apple does rule the world-
but I choose the apple from the tree- you remember that one?
The one that makes my skin look pretty in the sun… try some…



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