Get to know you, take you out, wine and dine you with that same one motivation. Wife you, give you a bunch of his DNA so you can raise his kids and he only ever wanted that one thing initially. Turns out, you suck at it according to him, or its not enough to keep him. So this one you made wait a month, or ten years, is on OK Cupid looking for some more, hanging around highschools hoping for some more, getting your girlfriends from your prayer circle to give him some more. The key is your validity, your worth isnt between your legs. Your value is not a pocketbook of sex that you dole out to the highest bidder. Sex is on the lowest level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, side by side with shelter, eating, sleeping etc. Once women realize how a person feels about you as a human being is the same before and after coitus she will regain her power as a self sufficient, talented, powerful individual. Whether you choose to sleep with a man before he offers you a ball and chain (AKA a ring) and the lovely opportunity to forgo your father’s last name for his,doesn’t make you anything other than a healthy human being, regardless if society hasn’t stopped stereotyping women as only two things, whores and Madonnas. If you like sex and you are good at it, enjoy it, this ride doesnt last long. You gave him what he gave you and you are not diminished. No one can make you feel inferior unless you let them. My delicious sweet honey part is a body part, it doesnt make me.I use it to produce MEN when I choose to, and how they feel about it under their breath is none of my business.


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