I had a nightmare
   She had a daydream as girls are known to do
I was sailing, or better yet drowning at sea
   She was sitting, or better yet fidgeting 
Surrounded by every man I had said Id loved and lied
  She was looking out her classroom window at the sky
And they were wailing  frantic since our boat was sinking
  The boys all whispered quietly watching her blinking
And it felt like they were blaming our demise on me
  Except the one whose name was scrawled on her notebooks
But I was calm as the sea pre-storm
  She chewed her gum as if she didn’t know what was going on
I was ready for it all to end
  She couldn’t wait for it to begin
I had given up on monogamy and fidelity
   He gave her a flower, a valentine card and a small teddy
And then her father got down on one knee
And said to me
Will you be my wife?
   She is convinced this 12 year old boy will love her for life
A life preserver floated in on a breeze…
    Worlds apart she and I feel the same thing
The sweetest pain on the edge of infinity
He loves me…


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