The Soloist

I am not what you are looking for.
You can’t imagine how difficult it is to say that all of the time about yourself
Out loud, where you can hear it bounce
Off roses he bought or bottles of champagne
I am not what you really want.
Is hard to swallow like raw chicken or other kinds of mistakes
But they don’t hear that, they hear keep on coming
It isn’t really even my fault, truly,
Because they don’t hear that, they hear she’s hard to get
They take all my warnings as sporting challenges
And I end up the bad guy beating dead horses
I am not what you you need… is actually what I mean
I’m not making any promises to anyone
That’s all that I keep promising them
and they only think I mean that figuratively or temporarily
Its true, I do, But if I ever gave that speech to you
You aren’t the one who will make me change my frozen mind
So now I have to remind and rewind
Back to when I was trying to be nice
And bear the weight of your rebuttals by saying
A once and for all, fuck off
Which I never really wanted to do
Since occasionally, if I was stressed
I really liked sleeping with you….


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