The left side edge of my upper lip is itchy so I lick it and now, I can’t stop getting it wet
and for some reason that reminds me of the last time that I saw you
you were sweaty and naked and buried between my shivering lower extremities
face deep praying to me with your salamander tongue
and you knew exactly what you wanted almost as if you were trying to remake
me into a marble statue, with full force in the shape of Athena by using your mouth
and all this feels incredibly immortalizing until i snap forward to today and
recall that I broke up with you after that night out of respect for your authenticity
cause it was too much to homestead for a nomad like myself and I carry a sweet sadness
the size of another whole body right around my shoulders and you can’t just rip it
off like that with your love, I need it to survive, it’s where my beauty originates
this whole itch might have just been another uncontrollable craving, just another sign
that I am addicted to you and as soon as anyone finds out about how good you are, they will make you illegal
and they will take me straight to the dungeon of the jail.



2 responses to “DEA Schedule 1”

  1. Da Absentee Avatar

    FYI you have a beautiful, creative, tormented soul. Love this metaphor by the way. Of course its been done but its how you present it makes it feel and sound right


    1. Queen Rude Avatar

      It’s all been done right, there is only so much we can connect to…thank you as always for your feedback, it means the world.

      Liked by 1 person

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