Pixie dusted Embryos

Okay this is going to sound crazy but I am okay with that.
I believe we all absolutely have a purpose, to play.
Wait, hear me out… how did we even get here?
Some chemical crashed desperately into some other chemical, right?
Something engaged with something else, the ether meets star stuff mixed with dirt and whatnot.
It was all just a trippy cool neat accident, a funny happenstance.
And whala! We exist.
So if that is the case, and we are born out of love and lust and tiny cataclysms of chance then how could anything we are expected to do be concrete?
Or sealed in drudgery, dogma, and other D words that we made up?
How could it be anything other than, colliding with each other, enjoying the experience, seeing what we unfold into and watching that grow into something just as beautiful?
That is what we are here for!
So we should find things to work at that feel like play… if you love to draw, or your passion is dance or building then you should do that with reckless abandon, crash into a brand new level of amazing by giving 100% to whatever makes you the happiest.
It’s our mission.



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