From Solid to Liquid and back

Before you fall through
I make sure to
Rub oil all over my skin
Pull my socks up to my shin
Wear the ripped shirt so thin
So you can see raised tips of pins
Press lavender behind my ears
Lay to rest my sexual fears
Shower, shave, paint my nails
Remember your favorite details
Then ten minutes before you are due
He texts he wants to come too
So I call you with a cough in the air
True love is never fair
I tie up my hair and open a book
I know he prefers a different look
I put on slacks and a tight white blouse
I lay smart shit all around the house
For him I switch from vodka to wine
For him I switch from slut to straight line
You’re nice but he is divine
I’ll do anything to make him mine
If I am bored I will reach out to you
Only if he doesn’t want to fall through…hhh


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