The Initial Public Offering

Because I love you
It can’t be fleeting, I need to be 1/2 of the reason you are breathing
I simply can’t be without you so I should get to
Own a little bit of your soul
Supervise a little bit of your control
Because I love you
It’s only fair, you can’t go anywhere, see how much I care
I need to approve what you do, or you have to take me too
Because that’s how much I love you
So we have to share, thoughts, money & life, including air
Just sit down comfortably in my chair, let me tie you there
Remember, you can’t go anywhere
Now with this ring, I get 1/2 of your emotional & spiritual being
because that is what my love means
You belong to me like other kinds of property
We make an LLC, we make an INC
I‘ve got a government issued license stating
That you are contractually obligated to also love me
And never ever, ever, leave, without my blessing
Doesn’t that give you the warmest romantic feeling
Knowing that there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do
To trap, confine and manage you
I just can’t have you running loose
I just can’t die unless I am buried right on top of you
This marriage is the proof….



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