The Compliment

Noon, Downtown, Upland, California:

Hey. You’re Cute.



Noon, Downtown, Indianapolis, Indiana:

Excuse me…
I don’t usually do this but I had to stop you…
What’s your name, miss?
Wow. Samantha. I apologize for being so forward but I just wanted to say that you are really beautiful.
Well thank you and what did you say your name was?
Well thank you Daniel, that was very sweet.
I don’t want to take up anymore of your time Samantha, but you have a wonderful day, pretty lady.
Awl, that’s very sweet Daniel, I will try my best. Take care.



Noon, Downtown, New York City, New York:

Pssssssssst. Pssssssssst. Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Honey, Hey Hey Hey honey, ooooh wheee look over here lil mama, Psssssssst, Psssssssst, Washboard abs, hey washboard, yeah girl, I see you, I see you, hey hey hey blue shirt, daaaaaaaaaamn, come over here a minute mama, sashay my way with that fat ass, pssssst, meow baby, I’d fuck you into tomorrow, whoooooo shit, yo, yo yo yo you actin like you don’t hear me, whooo whooo whoo,muah muah yo hey hey!!! You just gone keep walking you stuck up, bitch?





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