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I truly have a love hate relationship with the Midwest. I love it in a nostalgic way. The Midwest is my home, it is where I am from, its where I grew into a woman. But a person in a cult might feel that way or a person who went to jail at 18 and was just being released at 50. I hate it too because the Midwest is where I learned some really bad life habits that I had to break when I moved West. I learned I was super wrong so I want to share what I learned and know now to be right with some of my Midwestern Compadres. Hopefully, it will help.
5) STOP BEING FAKE. If you have kinky hair so what? Wear a costume if you want to entertain yourself but not to make other people like you. Stop pretending that you have more than you do. If you are broke, so what? Dont make excuses for that to no one, that is a situation that is as temporary as it has to be.
4) STOP BLAMING: Its not the republican government, its not the bible thumpers, its not the racism, everybody everywhere deals with those same things to varying degrees. What are you going to DO? Stop gossiping and complaining. Its everyone’s fault but yours but your neighbor has no legs and he goes to work everyday. My father will walk 5-15 miles to work just so he can read a book. Everybody has it hard so do something, anything or shut up. You aint the Joneses. So what?
3) YOU ARE NOT A UNIQUE SNOWFLAKE: Midwesterners SWEAR that the way that they do things is the only way. Please invest in a plane ticket to anywhere 1000 miles from home. Please. You will see there are people who look just like you, and think just like you and guess what they aren’t prejudiced judgmental, jealous pricks. Surprise! There is no nobility in being better than someone else, only being better than yourself. Stop looking down on the homeless and minorities and women and foreigners and the LGBT community. Wake up. That’s your cousin fool! That’s your mom! That’s your father you hate and you hate yourself. You’re not better or special we are all the same…turn your nose down, hillbilly.
2) IF RELIGION IS YOUR ARGUMENT STOP TALKING: Religion is wonderful if it gives you a path of strength and positivity and love to follow. A path to being a good person. But when you start hating others, or discriminating or judging or hurting other human beings and then claim the reason you can is because of god, any god you are a derelict and a blasphemer. Not one of the religious leaders in any religion was materialistic or unkind. You are wrong AND you know it. Stop.
1)STEREOTYPE: Awl y’all are the worst at this. Oooh that’s a fake COACH! A fake What? Be mad when its a fake 60,000 crocodile Birkin. Come on. oooh black girls are like this, and white boys are like that cause that is what we saw on TV from the WEST COAST. Uh,,…. if its on TV its entertainment, which means what you see is FAKE. Its acting and I told y’all to stop being fake at number 5. Stop mocking people’s accents and acting like folk who are different are somehow less, I told you that in number 3!!! Your preference of music and company is all on you, enjoy yourself but if you don’t know and are just guessing or worst, regurgitating BS you were taught, STOP. GO to France. Meet some French people and THEN decide if you hate them. Listen to decent rap like Talib and see if he is not talented, Buy a Incubus album, eat frozen yogurt, get a tattoo, sing karaoke. Try shit and you will find that actually you like those people and you like doing that and British dramas are good and Bollywood has the best dance sequences in the world. You are literally missing out on the entire world but shutting yourself into a closet of lies.



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