And then he says, Awl your son is fifteen now he is probably past you, since he probably is done with comics…And then she says, oh, lol, I didn’t know you liked comics, lol, you’re young at heart, that is adorable!
And I think , Blade and Deadpool never showed me anything adorable lady, what are you talking about?
And I think sir, I don’t even think my son, who is only fifteen, could even understand Transmetropolitan or Saga, what do you mean PAST ME?
And maybe its because it is drawings that people go all juvenile on you because when they were kids they could afford to draw. And if you are drawing you aren’t really in the conversation. Tell that to the blokes at Charlie Hebdo.

What freaks us comics lovers out is you. How you don’t see that everything around you is animated, your food choices, your home decor, your executive staff at your executive company who vaguely resemble all the characters from Family Guy or the Simpsons.
I learned that I don’t have to kill an enemy to destroy them from Wonder Woman. I learned to always have a plan B and C before you put plan A into place from Batman. I learned that what you are made of makes you from Superman. I learned that we all can be heroes from Green Lantern. I learned that if you have a natural ability you should cultivate it from Hawkeye. I learned that doing bad things doesnt make you a bad person from The Will. I learned that everyone that you love will leave an imprint on you and it might be more than you can bear, and if my touch makes them die then I am in the wrong from Rogue of the XMen, I learned that every “bad guy” doesn’t have bad motives or intentions from Magneto, I learned that one truth is more valuable than ten thousand lies from Elijah Snow, I learned that art is everything from Stan Lee. So why should I stop loving the things that help me navigate the universe because I don’t tithe to it. I do.
My heroes show me how to handle, racism, sexism, poverty.
My villains help me conquer my pettiness, my jealousy, my weakness.

Stalin. Red Skull.

Lex Luthor. Mussolini.
I buy every issue.

And in the images I learned that hate is a weakness.
I learned fear is temporary.
I learned life is for the living.
So why do you hate us because our Santa Claus, our Jesus, our Buddha, says the same things as Captain America, or Mr. Fantastic, or Spider Jerusalem? Why would you discriminate against people who read books with brilliant art attached?
I’m not juvenile. I may be young at heart though.
Your human heroes based their lives off mine.
Your human foes perpetuate mine.
Perhaps, though, you might be the childish one. #Queenrude



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