Ways to ruin a date with me


5) BE LATE. If you tell me 8:00 be there or call, 8:23 is not 8:00. I turn my phone off at 8:30.
4) Mention at any point in the date what you have to do after the date. Ayeeee look, if you not feeling me, tell me, because I certainly will tell you. If you are seeing multiple people you don’t have to make an excuse to go see the other person,GO. I take it like this, if I was number one there wouldn’t be anywhere else for you to go no matter what your original plan was. So if you need to bounce, please do and GODSPEED.
3)BRAG. Uhm nothing is less sexy than having dinner with someone who has to list every celebrity they know, every time they cured cancer, every accomplishment that they ever made, over SCALLOPS.
2) BE OVERLY AFFECTIONATE Aye, I don’t know you don’t hug me way too long, don’t try to hold my hand while we walk, don’t ask for kisses every ten minutes and don’t introduce me as your girlfriend when we just met three hours ago, NORMAN BATES.
1) COMPLAIN ABOUT TIPPING: I will not date you again for 5 through 2 because clearly we aren’t compatible but if you do number one I will talk about how scummy you are until the day that I die.


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