Never unblocking you

There is something a little bit wrong with all of us.
We fail a lot as a group.
These failings are not good or bad
just tools used to learn
more about ourselves and the spectrum of light
That we float through…
So when I tell you what you want to hear
Whispering it softly in your ear
Its not because I mean it
It’s because I’m mid fail. It’s because I don’t know how else to get free.
To get you off of me
Except to feed you lies that you love more
than you really ought to…
I’m learning as you can see, a whole lot about me
and I am a punk when it comes to breaking up
as fun as it is to share mistakes2015-03-19_20.14.20[1]
I’ve been done with you for a long time
Yet here you are, just another reminder that
We fuck up a lot as a species.
You lie too, every single time that you cry that you need me
it’s not good or bad, just sad
that you won’t let go, even while I am screaming
We’re evidently a little fragile considering
None of us are perfect human beings
And I’m ready to learn something new.


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