Advice for the first round draft picks…

You think that you are ready, just because you are single but that’s not ready, boo. That’s capable, not able.
Mofos are so busy around this joker, constantly validating themselves by relationships. Well I am MARRIED so… Pfft, but you hate him and he hates you and if either one of you were brave you would leave.
But you ain’t brave if you are married anyway.
That is not my point.
My point is if you are genuinely relationship ready and you are not on these things I am going to tell you then you are fooling yourself, lay off the “stories” and get a life….
Do what you want tho.. who am I to advise you?

5) YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR OWN PLACE. If you are staying with some one to save money, save money for WHAT, sucka? To get your own place so you can have a BF/GF? Okay, then you can’t have one ’til then. If you are not able to HOUSE yourself by yourself, whya re you dating? I know its harsh, but that means you need to be single, and build your savings up and take care of your financial situation so that you have enough chips to have a place to go. And don’t then go and date someone who lives with someone , because if they live with someone they are trying to live with you too if they can, so the cycle continues. Not a good look.

4)YOUR MONEY IS BEYOND MESSED UP. If you working part time or some of the time, or you don’t have any savings or any money making money for you or a regular gig, homie, your thinking is way wrong if you are dating. You are not lonely, bruh, you’re impoverished.

You’re not eligible ma, NOT 100,000  in debt. Get some chips. Listen, you need to be able to go on a date and pay for the whole thing, and tips patna, EVEN if you are not paying this time. If you can’t do that, then why are you out? You don’t need to be out, you need to be filling out apps, or working on the project at your gig, LIVE FOR YOU first. Security is a primary need, dating someone is a secondary need. Meet your primary needs first. Don’t be a mooch, leech, burden, gold digger. The quality of partners goes up EXPONENTIALLY when you have your own.

3)YOU STUPID: If you don’t know how to read, you don’t have time for a boyfriend. You can’t balance a checkbook, and you chasing a wife? You can’t change a flat, you can’t cook for Thanksgiving, you never wrote a thank you note, read a bed time story, sewed a button, planted a flower, I mean what do you know how to do, then? Sex Workers can do what you do if that is all you got. And they are professional. Get some skills, learn something ,read something, be something FIRST, that way you have something to share!

2)YOU LOVE SOMEBODY ALREADY: If you love somebody you can’t get and you are looking for a relationship with someone else in the meantime, you dirty. Just stupid. Get over bob. Get over brenda. Remember what is dope about you and do your thing. Stop chasing an invisible or part time or replica bob and brenda. Fix that relationship or get healthy FIRST.

1) YOU ARE BORED: You suck. Know that. Know that in this day and age if you are bored you are boring. This is not the time to look for a date to entertain you, you invisible, insignificant creature. Join a club, support a charity, make art, start a company, DO SOMETHING. LIVE for you first, remember?  You might just meet a chick when you go to skydive. You might just meet the dude in cooking class. Stop being boring and you wont be bored. And whala, you will certainly run across good people, who share the same interests, surprise! Get some damn interests!!!!!

Or keep doing it your way and let me know how it works out……




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