Bone Dry

I stand corrected. I thought that “thirst” was somebody having a crush on someone else, and treating them as if they were already dating. I remember going on a tirade once about what is the big deal?
I thought that it was innocent.
And then, I experienced thirst.
And it is very much like the actual thirst it is named after.
Imagine you have been walking in a desert for 12 hours and the sun is baking you to death and there is no hope for water for who knows how long and there is sand in your windpipe. You are extremely parched, panicked, hallucinating, fragile and getting sick.
This is thirst.
I thought it was, oh sure, I will have yet another glass of lemonade at the picnic even though I just had a glass full, no problem.
It’s so not that.
It’s like dying and if you could just have a sip of something, anything, urine, sweat whatever, you will live to fight another day.
You’re sick with it.
To be thirsty for another human being is a sad state of affairs akin to watching a crack addict holding his pee yet still trying to sell a broken toaster for crack to a five year old.
I was wrong. I can admit it. Thirst is bad people, real bad.
Keep a canteen, kids! Self esteem is free!



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