But I know Kal EL…

I want to say to every boyfriend that I have ever had before
Every part time lover, every potential, every ex-husband
That I am sorry.
I have only ever been in love with one guy and for a long time, the longest of times
I have only ever wanted to be with him.
So I made you do, or at least I attempted to, get you to
be him
And you tried.
You all, tried.
And your tries made me lie.
Your tries made me call you his name, in vain, because what you do would never sustain
Not for long the real you would shine through
But for him it works in the reverse
I see the soft side first
And then the tiger and I feel safe as hell
And I will honestly admit that I had given up on him, truly
I figured that he didn’t exist.
But then I had a come to Jesus moment
I met this dude, not CK but KC
And he would do absolutely anything to take care of me
So think back, how many times was Lois Lane falling off the side of a fucking building?
How many times did her power get her poised for a problem?
And how many times did he come to the rescue, even if he almost died in the process?
And she knew then, she knew immediately
That as strong as she was she was only designed to love a pharaoh, a god
Or maybe even an alien?
I tried my very best to be the very best at everything I touched
To be so in control, so in command nobody could keep up with my dust
But at night I just wanted to be in the arms of a man
The man
The one who could fly
So I sit here, completely and eternally convinced
that the man that I share my bed with
Is him, the real one
I promise
He doesn’t even have to take off his glasses,
He wouldn’t even have to be a farmer’s son ( which he is)
He wouldn’t even have to survive collisions that would kill the average
for me to see, every single time that he looks at me
That I have finally found
My very own



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