Sound’s effect on Water

You talk too much, you do
You talk me right out of loving you
You tell me infinitely how great I can be
That every possibility is an option for me
You tell me there is star stuff in my eyes
The lotion of your lips cakes luxurious lies
The hot air heals so warm and smooth
And you talk me straight out of loving you
If I am so great then why would I choose
To be with someone not aspiring to
The level of competence that they see in me
Cheer leading comfortably from the couch, praising
You feel like a fan or a friend or family
Strong enough to stay but not strong enough to lead
You’re not the accomplished mentor of my fantasies
You’re not the granite mountain my soul needs
You incessantly gab about how great we can be
But how can a bubbling brook love a Yucca palm tree?



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