Super Petty

For the record….

I like haagen dazs dulce de leche icecream
I like Papa Roach
I like a homely girl in a dress
I like walking in the rain without an umbrella ( even in costume hair)
I like flip flops
I like Nirvana
I like Yul Brynner
I like a man with a tie blowing over his shoulder
I like snuffleupagus
I like Portishead
I like people who read poetry, especially mine
I like shameless self promotion
I like 80’s John Hughes Films
I like Cyndi Lauper
I like Incubus​
I like meat, cheese and crackers trays
I like show tunes
I like Amy Grant
I like Spiderman reboots even though they never get him just right…
I like world traveling
i like the Iron Sheik
I like alcohol except vodka
I like red lipstick
I like Queen
I like sunshine
I like Italy and China
I like cheesecake
I like books
I like Kermit The Frog
I like museums
I like the Beatles
I like Dragons and dragon tattoos and girls with dragon tattoos
But I hate you and I don’t know why….




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