C21 H23 NO5

He gone say, I got you
And she say uh huh , sure
She’s morphine to his fiend
He can’t resist the pull
But he never stops
Never stops coming when she calls
And he does whatever he promises
And she gone take it all
She gone take his breath and reasons
She gone steal his heart and dreams
And he don’t call none of it stealing
Since he offers willingly
So he gone say, I love you
But she say, I bet you do
She convinced herself
Its fantasy made for hopped up fools
And he just keeps laughing
Keeps laughing at her spiteful lines
Til he gets calm and sleepy
In the middle of the night
He reaches for her pieces
Broken, torn and covered in sin
Holding all she is together
he injects her in his skin
He gone say I’ll be here
And she say, is that right?
And one day before he convinces her
his heart doesn’t last the night
So now she say she miss him
Now she can’t be a bluer blue
All she wants to do is kiss him
Now his memory is her glue




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