Privilege Blindness

Remember when
You lived with your mom’s
And she reminded you fifty times
You didn’t own anything there
And she would take you out if she had to
Cause you’re one of her things too.
remember when you got so mad
At your father, because he wouldn’t listen
Put you on punishment
Took your stuff to teach you
Remember breaking your mom’s favorite lamp in defiance?
Remember saying, I’ll show pops, by throwing something he loved in the trash?
Remember breaking mirrors after break ups?
Keying cars of cheating spouses?
Stealing from work when you got fired?
Imagine being a grown person and still
Being treated like a bad child
no matter what you do
Living in a community where you are reminded
You don’t own shit
And constantly getting punished by the same
People sworn to protect you
What would you do?
What we have all done, on some level.
Defended ourselves by destroying.
You’d burn things, break things, take stuff
Because you are so frustrated and want to fight back

Is it right?
No, it never was.
Was your treatment right?
No it never was.

I’m sorry, Baltimore, that everyone seems
to pretend that your reactions are unusual.
I understand.




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