And when I am alone and it’s midnight,
I lie in bed and wonder
if there are other animal species out there
that discriminate in the same ways that we do.
I wonder if there are other carbon based creatures
on the bubbling water ball who systematically set out
to disenfranchise their own brothers
because some of the giraffes are too tall,
the bears too brown,
the owls too old,
the cows too fat or flamingos too feminine
I wonder if Great White Sharks are afraid of the onyx killer whales?
And how did they get those names?
And before the sun comes up I remember that we are all alone, truly.
The daylight exposes our fragile insecurities.
We sit in our little electric castles, our little neon ranch homes,
our little solar powered flats and high rise -to- the- sunlit- sky apartments
by our lonesome, flinching and passing these archaic judgments
from the days of the black death ( and why was it called that?),
mad, and jittery, our birth right of pride oozing
out of our ignorant florescent mouths,
passed down from ancestors
who rarely went 100 miles from their childhood homes in the light
unless they fought in somber bloody wars
steeped in deep financial superiority propagandized
by racist creeds and all day now it feels like nighttime to me.
And humans by nature seem to be
So I can’t sleep.



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