Gag me with a spoon or I’ll fuck him when he is rich


Oh my god so
You guys
You will never guess what fucking happened
I swear to you I had to book it out of there
Or else I would have totally barfed all over
my own sweater, I mean like, please
who the fuck does he think that I am?
So, I’m some chick who dates gnarly looking greasy geeks
because, what, because they like me, or whatevs?
So totally not going to fucking happen
Could he be anymore bogus?


1993- Same Chick, Same Dude
He is a bugaboo.

2013- Same Chick, Same Dude
I dunno, somewhere along the way we just
he has liked me for so long
and I’ve been so.. well you know
extremely bitchy
and then one day, I think it was the day
that his stock went up to 389.43 on the DOW
per share that I realized
he may have relationship potential….




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