Allora and other unsolved mysteries…

Things that I already knew but have had confirmed in Italy:
1) North Americans are obvious, space hungry and happily ignorant
2) Live simply- its the only way to be happy
3) Show respect to those who have come before you
4) If you have to walk, enjoy what you see along the road
5) Sing. All the time. Even if you cannot carry a tune. Sing anyway.
6) Royal blue is called that for a reason.
7) Try it. You do not have to like it… but you just might, if you try it.
8) Rush if you must but take your time to eat. Have a little of everything and drown it in extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy meals because the cook is the one, not the doctor, who is responsible for the health of the family.
9) This device that I am using right now to share this info with you is not important. Friends, family, loved ones- these are important.
10) Whether you live as a rich slave in a villa on a hill surrounded by luxuries and conveniences, or beg for change in an open air market, mosquitoes and death do not discriminate.



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