If you should have an Italian affair
know in advance that Roma, la citta eterna,
was designed to be a sophisticated mistress; she has wild sex on cobblestone street corners
with hot and sweaty strangers because she is gorgeous and demanding
and she does not forgive quickly so if she slaps you hard in public
it is only her version of a passionate embrace- lei e pericoloso-
her love is painful because you will never truly have it and you can never truly know her…

She is better when you leave her so beware
Non ti amo, she says with bloody red lips

However, if you should have an Italian affair
know in advance that Firenze, la citta dei fiore, was created to
seduce you slowly; she blushes and sings quietly as she courts you forever
Lei e pudica- and teases you with her wisdom and grace, she wears
charming flowers and sunburned bridges and the memories of
her taste will suffocate you as time passes, lingering on your lips
and in your heart’s darkest chambers until you die from the aching to be good enough to love her back…

She is better everytime that you see her so prepare
Lo non amo affato, she whispers with tears streaming



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