The mouse ran down

It’s very hickory dickory how
you no longer speak to me
years have floated by and
you’ve bothered to keep on gossiping
about what years ago you knew
regarding him and me
yet both of us have let it go
but you refuse to let it be.
Once a upon a time silly girl
your suspicions would have rang true
but life has unfolded and
now I know
what love requited can do
what scares me most
what’s hard to see
is how we used to be friends
but instead of being a real one
over me you chose that man
Its very hickory dickory how
you never liked him you said
you knew I did, you saw me cry
when no to me he said
and in my face you said he was
the loser of the worst kind
but here we are years later and
our relationship is still on your mind…
why don’t you just ask me
if I have feelings still
and I would tell you indubitably
for either of you I never will.


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