The biggest glitter covered Xmas Tree

Once upon a time
A long time ago
a blade of grass longed to be a tree
a tree he thought is treated better
and loved a lot more than me
If I were a tree, the birds would
make a nest and love to stay
The shade of my limbs
would cover humans
on a sunny day
and thanks to surgery
and chemistry
the blade got its wish
so much better it felt
to finally be what it was to begin with
And what the blade didn’t know
or didn’t anticipate
was the sign on all of the barns that read
tree huggers we all hate
lets cut the trees, down to size
eat their sap and write with the waste
of what they could be
So less than we
let the pulp we have left seal their fate
they chose an icon we’ve observed
as we have chosen the tree to be
but our worship of it is
a fallacy and technicality
be they devoured as the blade tree yells
timber timber timber we’re free
atop his brothers, freshly lain
The blade of grass was unaware, clearly
of the pain being a tree would bring
Let fairness and fairies sing
What you wanted was an illusion
Welcome to reality.



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