Tuesday Night Freewrite

So normally when I don’t have anything to write, or anything that can creep through all of the noise of just every day living, I treat myself to a free write, where I can write whatever I want, or whatever comes to my fingertips without worrying about whether or not it makes sense, or goes with any stream of thoughts that I have ever had regarding the most common subjects that I post. I usually advise that if someone is going to sit down and read one of my free writes that they actually grab a beer or a Xanax or a joint or something so that possibly their conscious minds won’t have difficulty floating from concept to concept and I jot them all down as quickly as they come. I started this free write off saying the word normally and I don’t even like the root, normal. What does that mean? I went to a training session recently and the instructor stated that people want to be thought of as logical, practical and sane. They want their values and beliefs to be at the least treated as plausible and that nothing they do is crazy. I thought that was just the most general way to describe 7 billion apes with egos and thumbs that I had ever heard. People don’t want other people to think that they are crazy, isn’t worrying about whether you are crazy or not a thought for the actual clinically out of it? So this normal, isn’t it really just saying there isn’t anything that I do or believe in that is any different than what I think others think? Or what I see around me? So conformity, which has nothing to do with using your mind, is normal? Blind following is normal? How is that not insane? If the saying about insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result what is normalcy? Doing the same things that you see others doing over and over again and expecting to be respected and stand out from the herd?I’m not saying the concept of normal is crazy but isn’t it, kinda? I wonder if people really think this way or hope this, that all they have to prove that they existed is that they are just like everyone else. I suppose its the way marketing does such an amazing job at selling things because they incorporate this probably psychological need to have what others have and look like they look and be a part of something. But the bad part of that is to prove this, people will go into immense debt. They will lower the quality of their lives in order to seem a certain way to other people outside of their own heads. Or maybe there are zillions of factors that cause this and I am only seeing it from the narrow few of someone who other people see as crazy and clearly, I don’t mind….


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