The Drifter

You watch them smiling at you
And all you see is teeth
You try to explain your frustration
and your fan club can’t believe
They were born confident and satisfied
They were raised on wholesome content
You were born under a  dark rain cloud
Your sickness is determined and intense
You say, Hail this, hail that, fools
Why don’t want you just hail me?
And you know if you feel this way
that something is lacking
Because no one who loves themselves is still seeking
No one with common sense is out here complaining
Yet you can’t sleep at night unless you’re planning
And inventing
And creating
And taking and taking and faking
And trying to get every single soul on the water ball
Thanking and copying and serving
cause then maybe you were wrong this whole time
Then maybe the teeth aren’t violent
maybe their smiling is the truth
Maybe the hail isn’t lying
The sales numbers are your proof
maybe you’re worth one more day living
but maybe ambition is uncooth…..

2014-09-14 18.41.08


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