Apex Predator

This whole time you thought wrong.
Painted pouty lips are dangerously strong.
The key to the kingdom of humanity exists
You slowly realize it’s 36-24-36
This whole time you built tributes to the phallus
mighty monuments scraping open the sky
but batting eyelashes are more worshiped than marble
and yet somehow for ages despised
This whole time you wanted to scream
that femininity is everything
everything that you want to be
everything that you truly need
every wind that sways through willow trees
every honey drop produced by bees
Every oppression is jealousy born
Every “ism” is nursed by greed.
and now that you see you have been lost all along
a new gender assignment is how you usurp power from me
Although crimson fingernails quietly rule the land and sea
Being male is not something shameful to be
Without you being wrong this whole time
There would be no prey left to devour like swine.




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