Global pep talk

You’re looking for a map
But it is before you, can’t you see?
chemicals react with other ones that fit
like gloves unworn delicately
and here you are
with fancy feet and discouraged
because twinkle toes has past its popularity
but never fret my sweet
everything, everything belongs here
all of it fits and evolves and fits again
if you exist it is because you emanate something
that we all need so, guess what?
whether it is a grand pastry recipe
or a poetic soliloquy
Or just a dance of one two three
Be the kick ass version of whatever it is
freely, yes I said, freely
Take no as a suggestion
not an answer, you have more of you still to be,
Give your gift room for growth
and years to mature, be pure
take failure as practice
your success is your existence
so it’s already secured

we are all glad that you are here
you have something special to share
and it it is not yours, but ours
Give us what you owe us
Be everything that you were meant
with no apologies
We came here to see
Show us what you came here to be

2015-06-21 09.37.50


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