The Inky Tribe

We are
Former slaves and Presidents
Drug dealers and Pediatricians
Children of the hood who became Wall Street Tycoons
Labeled and degraded and feared
Yet artistic and poetic and beautiful
We are
From Kenya and Haiti and Detroit
From the dirt and the suburbs
From everywhere even Mexico and Ireland
Hated and misunderstood and disrespected
Yet resilient and strong and creative
We are
Gangsters and Scholars
Impoverished and Trend Setters
Children of the dark who breathe rhythm in time
Persecuted, suspected and disenfranchised
Yet talented and gifted and brilliant
We are
Humans, very possibly the first tribe of
We are
Your family, your co-workers, your friends
Nerds and Geeks and Jocks
Church Moms and Soccer Dads
We are
Your monsters and your idols
We are
Your enemies and your gods
We are
Every shade of brown, every form of up and down
Beaten, broken and abused
Yet alluring and principled and stoic
We are
Just like everyone else
When the lights go out and all is quiet
We want the same things that you want
Happiness, Love and Respect
Isn’t it time?

2015-07-08 13.47.22


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