The nicest way to say it

If you want to raise roses
you cannot let them dry out
they must be regularly soaked to the root
especially when the weather is dry
If you tried to use paint thinner
or rubbing alcohol
nothing would grow on the bushes
You can’t give the rose buds what YOU
think they should have
you can’t give them whatever YOU want
and then say you’re sorry
you MUST give them what they crave
in order to see them bloom
You can’t say, Oh roses, I can’t help
how I feel, I just want to keep giving you
diesel fuel, even though you say you hate it
My love is the same way.
Announcements to the world are paint thinner to me
Constantly shouting your affection is rubbing alcohol
to watch my rose blossom
you have to love me how I need it
love me how I like it
and for me that means
Don’t put diesel on my petals and
keep your fucking mouth closed.


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