Tossing beer cans from Jupiter at Saturn

Sometimes we all feel a little alone
Other times, each of us feels a little sad or embarrassed or naive
We’ve all been left out or tired or confused
But the cool thing about all of these emotional states
flying through the radio waves of turbulent brains
Is that they are not stationary and unmovable
As soon as it rains the sun can shine on the same ground
As soon as fear or melancholy rears its pitiful head
in your mind
A millisecond later you could win the lottery.
A millisecond later she could kiss you.
A millisecond later your favorite song could come on the radio.
And those times that we all have felt a little used or useless
Can dissipate into the nothingness that they already were
It hurts more when you try to hold onto a knife by the blade
It hurts more when you let the roller coaster of life drive you insane
Yeah, sometimes we all feel a little alone
But the cool thing is that doesn’t have to be all of the time
take a deep breath of acknowledgement that it exists
but you exist apart from it and are just experiencing it
and shoot it off into the blackness of space
shoot it into another dimension
Tell it to a friend
who can bring you back and help you
revel at all of the bright beautiful possibilities
that can easily save the day
where all of the sometimes fade away…




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