Just stuff people do and death

Blink a lot.
yawn and stretch.
Cry to get your way.
Crawl and knock over things in your way.
Laugh and fart and sleep and eat.
Dream and sometimes wet the bed.
Lie. And lie some more. And keep lying.
Wear stupid fashions to look cool in front of stupid kids.
Read and then devise short cuts for reading.
Dance and draw and fight and sing.
Roll your eyes and sigh.
Do stuff you really don’t want to do.
Still lying.
Worship someone or something or somewhere.
Hold your breath.
Betray a confidence.
Limp, and writhe or squirm and moan.
Trust anyone.
Trust everyone.
Trust no one.
Speak out of turn.
Snore and vomit.
Regret meeting an idol.
Get short changed.
Feel violated.
Keep secrets.
Keep lying.
Grow taller, smarter and older but never up.
Hug and smile.
Prepare and succeed.
Prepare and fail.
Forget to prepare and lie about it.
Realize and forgive but never…
Promise and lie and finish and lie and go to the event with no present and lie and just keep on lying.
And at the end, tell the truth. And then the reward?
Wear a tombstone.

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