40 things

40 things that I have learned about life before my 40th Birthday tomorrow:

Death is inevitable, so enjoy life.
Accept your flaws and weaknesses and don’t begrudge others theirs.
Spend less time yucking other people’s yums.
A nap after a good cry is not a bad thing.
You’re never too old or too cool for a hug.
If you believe in it do something about it.
Traveling makes you a better person. Go everywhere that you can.
If you can fit it and you feel good in it, then wear it.
Pretend to be the version of you that likes yourself until you become it.
Take calculated risks that don’t hurt others or yourself
Look within to find happiness.
Only turn down gifts and presents wrapped in negative energy.
Unless you are a judge for a living, then stop.
Take your time cooking, shopping and making love.
A grammar nazi is friendless in the real world.
Play loud music and sing off key.
Help when you can and don’t belittle yourself when you can’t.
Pick your family.
Find a partner that you can jam with.
You’re not obligated to do anything but try new things.
Be grateful.
Trust your instincts.
Harness the power of humility.
Dance with or without the music and don’t give a crap who sees.
Lies hurt longer than any truth ever will.
Start over as many times as you want or need to.
Circumstances change, never get too comfortable.
When has worrying solved anything?
Give love freely with no expectations.
Listen actively to understand.
Change your mind and your haircut but not who you are.
Be honest with yourself and others about what you need.
Let go of regrets, they weigh a ton.
Look people in the eyes.
Act like your life is a winning lottery ticket.
Pursue the work that you love.
Apologize quickly and forgive yourself and others even faster.
Have so many laughs and good times that you haven’t a moment to stop to remember them all.


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