La belle Chambres

Sometimes we jump to conclusions there.
Sometimes we lay close and stare into each other’s eyes so that we can see the reflection of ourselves in them.
Sometimes we rub each other’s backs.
Sometimes we smoke a cigarette and watch videos on the laptop that is propped up on a bar stool until our eyelids droop.
Sometimes we chill there, high, staring at the ceiling and rehearse what if scenarios…
Like what if there were a zombie apocalypse, or martial law, or a real live judgement day or if Donald Trump became President which is essentially all the same thing…
Sometimes we make slow wet and sticky love to one another and other times we fuck like we just met each other hours earlier with scratches and bite marks to prove it.
Sometimes we tell each other terrible jokes and laugh so hard and loud and long that it sounds like we are shrieking until we run out of breath.
Sometimes we sing new lyrics to our favorite songs.
Sometimes we argue and both cry.
Sometimes we curl up in each other’s arms or I lay on his chest.
Sometimes we complain about the world there.
Sometimes we make promises there that we have no idea whether or not we can keep.
And sometimes, when there is nothing left to do, or want, or need… we sleep there.



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