The cowboy and the princess rode away on the unicorn
Disappearing into the setting sun
When did I become so serious and unable to have anymore fun
When did all of my poetry start to rhyme all the time even in the middle of the lines like I romanticized about becoming Shel Silverstein?
He-Man and She-Ra defeated Skeletor and rode away on Battle Cat
Barely visible silhouettes riding past a moonlit hillside
And I can’t find my car keys now, or my empathy or my fantasy because my only choices are being 15 or 50
And I can’t seem to keep anyone to love unless they change me or I change them and who we are is not who we become
The tired anti hero kissed the complicated heroine behind the dumpster in the city lights
Both stomachs full of antacid, frailty, India Pale Ale and delusion
How do I resolve the issue of wanting to spend my days dreaming when every thing around me is so fucking confusing and the only thing that is amusing is the sum total of my being without a mask to wear so all of my scars keep bleeding
The co dependent male humanoid falls in love with the narcissistic fembot soldier
In an internet chatroom where the masses hide and lie behind hashtags and cry
Why does happiness need to be a constant state of existence for anyone to feel alive
Why does choosing to stand up for you mean telling everyone else, goodbye?

2015-05-23 13.50.53

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