Vodka in Water Bottles

They do it for the recognition and you do it for the love
They get rich off your sweat and tears and you aren’t satisfied until you see blood
They have secret empires running under your nose and you have your nose in a pile of snow
They do it for the awards you do it for the show
They buy and sell you for under market rates
Yet you complain that you can’t find a parking space
They don’t care, ’cause they don’t have to, but you really should a little more
They don’t whine because they don’t need to but you do it in a perfect soprano
They live on hilltops and look down on you as you serve them art before they make fun of and then copy your heart
So you sneak on the boat, a simple stowaway
You hide in the meat locker where you chill so you say
They won’t let you be a them no matter how hard you try
You don’t have the stomach for deception, just for another glass of wine
Another glass another glass a never ending bottle
Where you put a note in and throw overboard hoping a hero will find you
They do it as a hobby but you do it to survive
They died a long time ago but you still are alive, so lie.



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