Dreadnought Fail

You act like you don’t love me but I am the only human thing about you.
Howl. Screech. Wail.
You pretend that you love me because I am a reflection of your face.
Grimace. Wince. Stare.
You contact me because there isn’t anyone sentient nearby aware.
Think. Brood. Lie.
But he
But he
But he
He feels something
Something like awake
something like aware
He wants something
something with my name
something with my shape
He is into what you disregard
And maybe he is better at trickery than you
Howl. Screech. Wail.
Grimace. Wince. Stare.
Think. Brood. Lie.
The lesser of the evils often wins
Which means you lost.


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