If my dream had been melody
instead of poetry…
Another path on the page of creativity-
singing for mercy instead of writing
Very only on, for right or for wrong
my vibration wrapped in a cadence of song
no scrambled letters just mixed up tones
I’d be exactly the same but more sins to atone
because when you pursue a different game
It changes where the edges make it the same
Would I have been famous
This is a possibility
and if I were I would have the same convictions infinitely
and the lack of inhibitions that I seem to have
would be unchecked attention whoredom without empathy
the masses drinking in  the words that I spit
and instead of humility I would have started a cult
rampant narcissism being the result
that I write about now in the comfort of my home
otherwise a deviant sociopath I would have been known
and dead on this day I would most likely be
but don’t ever think that you wouldn’t have met me
because in that world we would have crossed paths
and power plus love on top of money never lasts
we wouldn’t exist, so the best future is this way
the pen and not the microphone have been our saving grace…




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