Flight Risk

Kids. Everybody is a kid-
Nobody knows what they want …
We all play a safe role
A role we stole, a role we bought
A role we were forced into
Aprons, habits, cloaks and dishonor
Neckties worn by leather crews…
Monocle and moccasins upon us
We’re afraid of each other’s shoes
Kids. And followers. Everybody is weak.-
Scared of tomorrow, scared to be meek
Scared of the reason
Scared of the new moon, scared of each other, scared of typhoons,
Tablets, tabloids, tapestries hiding who they are
A tiny babe, a new born fool , lying by keeping score
Maybe I am the one that you need
Maybe I am just your drug-
Maybe the law hasn’t caught up with me
Maybe I am what you are afraid of
Children, slight, small and deaf
Everybody fits the bill
Drinking from their mother’s teet
Never breaking the seal
Fatigues,khaki shorts, utility belts
Infants cry if its too tight, Arming themselves for us to go to hell,
We think we are undefined, waking, wondering, wanderlust
What do I look like I might do?
Teslas, titans, and trophy wives
History has spoken through-



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