Single Occupancy

Most don’t volunteer to spend a whole evening here
But I did, I did, so I’m strange
Often the padded cell, like a comfy hell
Is a place to disengage
But for me, No honey, not for me
Its the only place that I can be safe
from the liquidy and bubbly star glitter in your eyes
and stupid heart emojis on your face
If it stay out there, in my underwear, screaming at the top of my lungs
Yelling this love aint real and how the fuck should I feel
Either way, they would still make me come…
So I walked right in, my jacket on straight
my hair plastered to my skull
claiming that you weren’t the one, I’m completely done
yet you showered me non stop with sticky bull
like Frankenstein when the monster came alive
I instantly regretted the sex potion
Most don’t ask for the leather straps
But I did, I did, so I’m broken
What I thought I wanted and what it turned out to be
Aren’t nearly the same damn thang
Now the rubber room keeps me from you
and you can stop saying I’m everything
stop following me around, stop loving me down
cause apparently I am crazy
But for me, oh honey, but for me
Loving you is way more confining
I’ll take my chances with the 10 by 8 box of protection if it means
I gotta lose you and your drippy ooze just to regain my sanity.


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