It’s cool baby…
Purple clouds of smoke hover first
and then I think that I can see into the constellations
clearly beyond here
And you say its okay baby…
Then I think I know answers to questions that I forgot to ask
Like why can’t I and should I and could we…
I’m here baby…
But then I remember
Slowly but surely that the only thing that matters is how long
I get to be here…
Relax baby …
How many days before I cease to exist on this plane
Is all I wanna know
But is it me, is it the weed, is it the alcohol buzz
It’s cool baby…
Is it truth, is it real, is it fantastic illness I itch from mentally?
And you say its okay baby…
I’m here baby-
Relax baby-
It’s cool baby-
And then I wonder, why do you soothe me by calling me a child?






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